Student Education Program

Providing the support necessary for the children to stay in school is a top priority.  While primary school education is free in Kenya, the cost of a uniform and other school supplies can be prohibitive for families living in extreme poverty. The Umoja Project employs local tailors to make uniforms for 500 children each year at a cost of $10 per uniform.

Mawego girlsSecondary school students are required to pay for their tuition, uniforms, school supplies, and exam fees.  The Umoja Project covers these costs for 100 students each year at an average cost of $350 per student.

In spite of the various challenges our students face, many are performing at the top of their class. An increasing number of our students have performed well enough on the national exam at the end of secondary school to qualify for government assistance to attend university. The Umoja Project provides a small scholarship to six of these students each year which covers remaining school expenses and allows these students to pursue higher education.

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