Winnie is the first Umoja Scholar to complete university. She is now working at a hospital in nearby Kakamega. The remarks below are from an Umoja Project gathering when Winnie was in secondary school.

Umoja Scholars Peer Support Meeting

September 28, 2008

Comments by Judith Achieng Amollo, Chairperson

Judith Achieng Amollo delivers greetings to the Umoja Project’s Indiana partners

We are very happy to have you here today and have the chance to meet you face to face. We have wished for such a moment to come and finally it is here. We are very grateful for what you’ve been doing for us from when you sponsored us up to date. To most of us, hope of seeing a bright future with good academic excellence was all gone. But you just appeared on time to renew both our hopes and dreams. We appreciate you for that. It is because of this organization that we happen to know each other today. Umoja group has made us to come together, i.e., students from different schools, and now we call ourselves Umoja Family. As a family we have a vision of having a bright future and helping those who might be in need of our help. We aspire, as a family, to make contributions and open an account. To help the sick and needy in the society, by visiting them and giving them hope in any way possible, just like you’ve done for us.

We are working very hard in school now that we have the opportunity to learn. We know many have not been able to get such opportunities, but we thank God for bringing you to this place and renewing hopes and dreams of helpless students who believed to have no future after losing their parents. We are also grateful to God for answering our prayer through you. May He bless you abundantly even as you travel back to Indiana. Thank you.

To my fellow students, don’t give up for God can make a way where nobody has ever thought there could be a way. Just pray and trust in God for everything. He has done it once, He’ll never leave you, and He’ll always answer your genuine prayers.