Hello everyone, my name is Bella. I am a sixteen year old Form One student at St. Georges Mixed Secondary School in Kenya courtesy of the Kenya Carnival initiative to which I am greatly indebted.

My Dad passed on in 2001. I am survived with my mother and two other siblings- Master Neville who is 12 years old and in class 5 at Ogada Primary School, and Miss Cynthia who is 8 years and in class 4 at Sianda Primary School.

Last year when I was in Class 8 I stayed with my Aunt whose home is close to Sianda Primary. Staying close to my primary school made it easier for me to attend school more regularly. Umoja made contact with me in 2008 when was in Class 8. I benefited from Umoja project through sanitary towels and the school lunch program. I was able to eat more regularly.

When I took my Class 8 exam, I had no hope of proceeding to Form One. I knew how unable my mother was to meet the fees requirement for secondary school. My Aunt on the other side had already done more than enough by giving me accomodation at her house during my final class in primary school. They also had their little girl Marvel to take care of in Nursery School. When we heard the news about Umoja supporting me, we were surprised and very, very happy. It was God’s answer to our prayers.

I want to make good use of the opportunity Umoja has given to me. Last term I was position 3 out of 67. I hope to perform even better as I get ahead. I strongly hope to become a journalist some day.

I count myself blessed to have come to meet Umoja project. Thank you.