Students from Bar Anding’o Primary School wrote letters to their United States partners. Excerpts from a few of those letters:

“My name is Mourice from Bar Andingo Primary School. I am in Standard 8… I am a child who lost both my mother and father. In my life, Umoja Project has helped me in my problems…When the Project started in our school we were in high spirits when we heard that the pupils who have lost their parents would be helped. I would like the Project to go on. I would like to know your name and the place you come from. I wish you the best.”

“My name is Judith. I am in Class 7. Me, I would like to thank you very much, because you’ve served many orphans who were in trouble about their lives. The first thing that I would like to thank you for is the lunch program. The reason why I say that is some orphans live with their grandmothers and sometimes that grandmother doesn’t have any work for them to do and can’t give us food. Even if I go home for lunch I may only have otalo and water. If you don’t know otalo, otalo is only maize which is not put together with beans.”

“I am Winnie from Bar Andingo Primary School. I am in Class 8. I am 15 years old… thank you for the sanitary towels you have provided us girls. Most of the girls in our schools just decide to drop out school but now we still have hat hope of going to school without any problem. Because in past some girls when they have got that problem they cannot go to school as usual.”

“I am Lorite. I am in Standard Seven at Bar Andingo Primary School…If you come to our school you will realize that there is a great change since Umoja was introduced…We are yours, and you are ours. So if you can please, don’t stop helping us. If you stop, we will nowhere to be seen.”