Emmaculate’s parents died four years ago. Shortly thereafter, Emmaculate’s two older brothers left home and Emmaculate’s sister, who is unwell, moved away to be taken care of by a distant uncle. Emmaculate remained in the family home alone. Lonely and afraid, she moved in with an aunt. Soon, however, the aunt moved away in search of work, and once again Emmaculate was on her own, this time with younger cousins in her care.

Emmaculate struggled to juggle home care and school attendance. She was at the point of desperation when she first encountered the Umoja Project. Umoja provides for basic needs, food security, and covers her secondary school tuition. Recalling the past she shyly submits, “I thank Umoja project for helping me because I never knew I could be in secondary school.”

Emmaculate, now 16 years old, is trying to catch up on her schooling. “I have not performed so well in my first term in Form One,” she admits. “However, I am going to try and perform better this term and even best in my end of year exams.”