Secondary Tuition Program of Umoja Project or STEP UP supports bright students who qualify for high school but may not have the means to pay mandatory fees and expenses.

Students in Kenya pay fees to attend any school beyond the 8th grade. A year of secondary school for Umoja Project students averages $350 per year.

Our 2018 goal is $38,500 to provide a year of school for 110 students.

Help us enroll more bright children in secondary school with a donation today!

As Umoja Project primary school students receive food and support over the years, more are achieving high scores on the KCPE exam, which determines the secondary education options available to them. We have more students qualify than we are currently funding, and we want to close that gap.

The average cost of a year of high school in our project area is $350. We have supported 100 students each year (25 per grade level). This year our goal is to increase the number of new students to 35.

With your help, we can help educate more young people, giving them a brighter future and a path out of poverty.


Indiana Youth Spearhead STEP UP Fundraising

Since 2008, local Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Christian students in Indiana have worked together to raise awareness and money for their peers in western Kenya. Middle and high school students have led efforts to raise more than $200,000 to fund secondary school tuition and educational expenses for Umoja students.

You can support students in both Chulaimbo and Indiana with your donation!