Education-WEBOur goal is a simple one: keep vulnerable children in school and address obstacles that might hinder their success.

At the primary school level, our support includes:

  • Uniforms for 900 primary school students
  • Daily lunch to 3,200 students in 18 primary schools, ensuring that children have at least one nutritious meal each day
  • Sanitary towels for 500 adolescent girls, which allows them to attend school regularly
  • Mentoring for girls through the Girls Empowerment Team (GET UP)
  • Blankets and other basic necessities for 360 households

Education-tuition-WEBFor high school students, we provide:

  • Tuition, uniforms, and school supplies for 100 high-achieving secondary school students
  • Mentoring and advocacy to address the particular needs of young women through the Girls Empowerment Team (GET UP)
  • Psychosocial support for high school students through peer support groups

Students who have excelled in high school and want to go on to university are eligible to apply for a very limited number of university scholarships.