Mission Statement
The Global Interfaith Partnership is a multi-faith coalition of congregations committed to meeting the immediate and long-term needs of vulnerable children in western Kenya.

Core Values

  • Faith:  We are united and motivated to serve by our faith in a loving and merciful God.
  • Mutual Respect:  We believe every person has equal value under God.  We celebrate and respect our various gifts and recognize that we need each person to fulfill our mission.
  • Compassion:  We are affected by others’ suffering and are prompted to do whatever we can to alleviate physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Service:  Sharing our distinctive gifts, we respond collaboratively with all of our partners to respond to the current and future needs of Kenya’s orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Justice:  We believe full participation in the family of God depends upon basic human rights for Kenya’s orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Learning/Knowledge:   We believe a successful interfaith and cross-cultural program is dependent upon learning and understanding each other’s core values, beliefs and expectations as well as ongoing program research and evaluation.